Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm

Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm,2017 Stem 60mm Ritchey WCS Trail, Reifen und Schläuche,Ritchey Vorbau WCS Trail, Der WCS Trail Vorbau ist einer von Ritcheys stärksten Vorbauten, Lenker und Vorbau, Pedale und Schuhe, Online Shopping from Anywhere Exclusive Web Offer High-End Fashion For Top Brand Shop Clothing, Beauty, Shoes, Home & More. Trail 2017 Stem 60mm Ritchey WCS.

Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm

Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm. Ritchey Vorbau WCS Trail. Der WCS Trail Vorbau ist einer von Ritcheys stärksten Vorbauten. Lenker und Vorbau. Pedale und Schuhe. Reifen und Schläuche.. Condition: New other (see details) : An item in excellent, new condition with no wear. The item may be missing the original packaging or protective wrapping, or may be in the original packaging but not sealed. The item includes original accessories. The item may be a factory second. See the seller's listing for full details and description. See all condition definitions , Seller Notes: “nicht originalverpackt” , 。

Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm
Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm
Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm
Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm
Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm
Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm
Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm

This website belongs to OzKare, LLC and is unrelated to the medical practice of G. Ozkarahan, M.D., P.C.

Secular spirituality, such as encouraging mindfulness and a regular meditation practice, is one of the multiple facets of Dr. Ozkarahan’s approach to achieving peak emotional health.

Dr. Ozkarahan, a Board-Certified Psychiatrist practicing in NYC, has created her own 7-day audio meditation series as a tool to connect not just with one’s mind – but with one’s soul.

And it is our souls that truly need nurturing after all that we are collectively going through.

This product – belonging to Dr. Ozkarahan’s 2nd company OzKare, LLC – is unrelated to her medical practice and is open to both her patients and the general public (age 18 and above).

Each meditation that Dr. Ozkarahan has carefully created, written, and narrated consists of thought-provoking and uplifting content based on cognitive behavioral and spiritual principles. Her messages are designed to encourage introspection, reflection, and relaxation.

Along with breathing exercises, the meditations are accompanied by original music composed and sung by musician Emre Yilmaz. The beautiful music, custom-made for these meditations, consists of soothing instrumentals and soft Turkish vocals to guide the listener into another realm.

The REFLECT meditation series is comprised of 7 meditations – each 15 minutes long and focused on a different emotional theme:

Day 1: Coping with Sadness Day 2: Managing Anxiety Day 3: Dealing with Uncertainty Day 4: Working Through Avoidance Day 5: Prioritizing Self-Care Day 6: Cultivating Gratitude Day 7: Gaining Self-Compassion

Your one-time purchase will grant you continual access to the 7 recordings. You may proceed in order or skip around as you choose. The meditations will remain there for you for the lifetime of the product, so you can go back to mix and match days anytime to suit your needs.

Creation, Writing, and Narration: Dr. Goksin Ozkarahan, M.D.

Original Music, Vocals, and Audio Production: Emre Yilmaz

Music and Sound Editing: Dr. Ozkarahan & Emre Yilmaz

*The “flow state” referred to in Day 5’s meditation is a term originally coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Disclaimer: Purchasing or engaging with this program of OzKare, LLC does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. A formal consultation is required to enter a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Goksin Ozkarahan, M.D. The meditation recordings advertised on this website are not intended to replace psychiatric consultation, diagnosis, or treatment. By purchasing the recordings, you recognize that neither full nor individualized psychiatric services will be rendered. The narrations do not constitute medical advice. If you have heart or lung disease, always consult a physician before doing deep breathing exercises. Please do not listen to the sample excerpts nor full recordings while driving, operating heavy machinery, or in other unsafe environmental conditions.

Click HERE to read the full Terms of Use of OzKare, LLC.

Sample Excerpts:

Purchase The Recordings

*By clicking the “Purchase the Recordings” link, you will be directed to Gumroad’s website, which may be subject to different Privacy Policies.*

Also available for streaming on:


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When I first heard about REFLECT, I was intrigued yet slightly skeptical. Why do I need to pay for another meditation platform with several established apps already on my phone? Dr. Ozkarahan’s reputation speaks for itself, so I decided to give it a try and couldn’t be happier. Her soothing voice alongside the beautifully composed music is calming, peaceful, and restoring. Her unique approach of selective speaking over a musical backdrop helps keep me in the moment rather than allowing my mind to wander as it often does during the long silent pauses of some other guided meditations. Whether you’re meditating for the first time or looking to replace or augment your existing routine, I promise you will be very happy with REFLECT.
~ P.E.

Dr Ozkarahan’s REFLECT meditation series has now replaced all my sleep, relaxation, and meditation apps. Yes, I’ve downloaded Calm etc as I’m sure many people have. Like anything else, I’ve realized, you get what you pay for. I cannot express enough how harmonious, calm, and tranquil Dr. Ozkarahan’s voice is, over perfectly composed music. I’ve never really been able to get the true sense of “mindfulness” until I listened to REFLECT. It’s a perfect way to start my day and end my night. If you suffer from anxiety and lack of sleep as I do, I highly recommend.
~ S.S.

I was instantly transformed into a state of relaxation by the sound of Dr. Ozkarahan’s voice. The calmness and pure kindness in her voice seemed to sooth my overactive mind almost immediately. I found so much peace in hearing her speak slowly and eloquently through the Day 1 meditation. I suffer from mild anxiety as an adult and was intrigued to purchase. This program is saturated with positive thoughts and uplifting advice. There are musical interludes and breathing exercises that work well to calm your inner self. Truly a positive and unique program for anyone to enjoy!
~ C.V.

I’m really enjoying this series of reflective meditations from Dr. Ozkarahan. I’m the kind of person that enjoys guided meditations to help me quiet my thoughts. Her voice, the instrumentals, and vocals of the artist are very soothing and relaxing to meditate to. I like that they are 15 minutes long, which is the perfect length of time for me. This series is unique in the sense that the guided parts have an excellent mix of focus on breath and thought-provoking content. It’s like meditating to a great TedX seminar. My favorite so far is the Gaining Self-Compassion session.
~ J.C.

This really is AMAZING. The cadence of Dr. Ozkarahan’s voice, the music, the messages…Wow. Sounds so professional.
~ S.S.

Dr. Ozkarahan’s series of meditations are calming and transformative. They are great for experienced practitioners as well as those new to the process. With her calm voice and stunning music, Dr. Ozkarahan’s series will leave you feeling soothed and sharper, and its positive impact will continue to resonate over time.
~ B.C.

This is FANTASTIC! It’s fabulous work. The music is at the perfect pace for relaxed breathing, and the singer’s voice is beautiful.
~ B.V.

I found Dr. Ozkarahan’s meditation series to be a very helpful tool to get myself to practice stillness and mindfulness. Given today’s fraught world, my anxiety has never been higher. This soothing meditation series helped me relax and find that calmness of mind and spirit to restore balance. The first time I listened was right before going to bed, and I was able to sleep soundly afterwards. I’ve also listened in the mornings and find it a great way to begin my day! I highly recommend this series.
~ E.K.

The REFLECT meditations have been so helpful and enjoyable. I use them in the mornings to help ground my day as well as in moments of anxiety. Dr. Ozkarahan’s gentle guidance along with the beautifully composed music make for the perfect meditation series. Highly recommend!
~ K.L.

As all New Yorkers, it is really hard to just let go in a world of 24/7 emails and Zoom meetings. However, Dr. Ozkarahan’s REFLECT has allowed me to disconnect from a lot of my anxiety and helped me to reconnect to what is important, which are the people in my life I care about. I have also used the program to help get rid of the daily mindless chatter that goes on in my head. And in its simplistic breakdown, the music is just really relaxing to listen to on a daily basis. We find we put it on all the time.
~ A.H.

Great meditation series — really refreshing. The thoughtful and genuine narration, as well as the authentically original music, really helped me to reframe my approach to the day before even getting going!
~ J.M.


Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm

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Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm

Reifen und Schläuche,Ritchey Vorbau WCS Trail, Der WCS Trail Vorbau ist einer von Ritcheys stärksten Vorbauten, Lenker und Vorbau, Pedale und Schuhe, Online Shopping from Anywhere Exclusive Web Offer High-End Fashion For Top Brand Shop Clothing, Beauty, Shoes, Home & More.
Ritchey WCS Trail 2017 Stem 60mm